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Recognizing a

Throughout our history of providing behavioral services to Central Illinois, we have noticed certain limitations within our facility and its offerings. While we have admitted many adolescent inpatients, we have had to turn down over 2,600 children in the last five years alone. These potential patients were turned away due to limits on space or available treatment options. 


With a growing number of childhood mental health-related needs, the number of those turned away is only expected to grow. To us, turning away any child in need is unacceptable. We recognize the need for adolescent behavioral health services within our community; that is why a plan has been set into motion. 

Dedicated Care

A History of

Our health system has a history of commitment to the mental health of our community. In 1954, we opened the first inpatient mental health unit at Methodist Medical Center, and within the past 70 + years, we have become the region's number one provider of behavioral health services. 


Our Child and Adolescent unit has seen many children since its creation. Over 60 children and teens are admitted every month. We take pride in the kids we have helped, and the treatment we have provided for our community. 



A Partnership for

To address the mental health needs of our young people, we needed to form a partnership with other behavioral service providers within the area. The Young Minds Project is a collaborative effort made possible by the union of our Behavioral Health Services, the Human Service Center, and the Tazwood Center for Wellness.



Planning a Brighter

Together, we have designed a plan to create a center where children, adolescents, and families can receive mental health services. The center will be the first of its kind and the only facility where inpatient care and outpatient care will take place under the same roof. No longer will families have to traverse unfamiliar hospitals for an appointment. The center will become a place of healing and comfort. 


The Young Minds Project addresses the carefully-researched needs of our community. Specialized areas for treatment and increased admittance will ensure that we can solve this problem.


By offering effective treatment and resources under one roof, we will create an influx of success stories. Our success stories will transform the way our community views mental health. We aim to make mental health treatment as widely discussed and accepted as any other health care program.


The Young Minds Project will revolutionize childhood mental health treatment. We hope that you will join us on this journey. 

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