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Mental illness affects the lives of those around us every day. Sometimes this is obvious, and sometimes mental illness is only known by the affected individual. Nevertheless, we co-exist with a vulnerable population, and no one is more vulnerable than a child in need.


Our health system takes pride in working with our vulnerable population. However, in order to serve more children in need, we must expand. Our expansion will not be in size only, but we seek to provide more resources to patients and their families. 

Please consider supporting this landmark effort.


The Young Minds Project seeks to not only create a state-of-the-art facility, but we wish to hire an increased number of talented psychiatrists and counselors. The more appealing we are, the more likely we will attract the quality experts we seek. 


Our goals have been constructed based upon research within our community and the mental health community as a whole. The Young Minds Project looks to invest in the well-being of our children and adolescents. We hope our community will join us on this noble path.


Currently, the total budget for this project is 24 million dollars, and we have set a community-wide fundraising goal. Because the center will add much value to our community, the Young Minds Project wants to raise 12 million dollars through community and philanthropic contributions. 


Community members who contribute to this project will have a hand in creating a facility that is the first of its kind and a leader in innovation. The need is great, but the solutions are within reach. By joining in this mission to serve every child, community members will add value to our region. Our young people deserve appropriate mental health care, and you can help connect them to the care they need. 


No child should suffer a life derailed by untreated mental illness. We invite you to join in this endeavor to support young people in crisis. Your contribution will directly impact the work we will do at the center. Therefore, you will become a part of the success story of many children for years to come. You will help change this community for the better and inspire other communities to take similar action for their young people. 


Can you help us create a better and healthier world for our children in need?


To learn about the ways in which you can support this mission and the Young Minds Project, contact us today:

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