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A Leader in

Mental Health Innovation

The Young Minds Project wishes to set a precedent for childhood mental health treatment. In providing services for our local community, we want to inspire others within the region to do the same. Every aspect of this project was meticulously designed to best suit our children and families. Whatever we couldn't do before due to limited space or services, we aim to do successfully. 

Care Providers

Increased High-Quality

To be the leaders in our field, we must hire top-notch psychiatrists, counselors, and staff. The Young Minds Project will double our current number of treatment providers. With more providers, we can aid more children and their families. 


Our first-of-its-kind facility will appeal to practitioners and staff who wish to be on the cutting-edge of childhood mental health care. We seek to attract quality care providers who will contribute to our goals by offering compassionate and effective care. 



A Place For the

Childhood mental health affects more than just the child. That is why families provide a vital role in mental health treatment. Separation can exacerbate a problem, while proximity can aid in the solution. 


We want our families to feel as secure and comfortable as possible as they pursue our top-notch treatment and services.  The center will incorporate features that ensure that families can take part in the improved outcomes that this endeavor will bring.


New Spaces

for Vulnerable Populations

Our facility will feature expanded Aspergers and ASD services. This focus will connect children with much-needed services like sensory play and various forms of therapy. 


In addition to the ASD-specific services, we will also have the area's most intensive  adolescent addiction treatment. This is a necessity as 50% of high school-aged children report trying an illicit substance prior to graduation.


Due to the increase in space and staff, we will also be able to establish the first behavioral health ICU. There, our doctors and counselors will be able to help severe cases as they come into our facility. 

A Place of

Healing and Growth

The Young Minds Project is more than a proposed facility, it is a hope for the future. Each aspect of the center was created to address a specific need within our community. We seek to build a shining beacon for children's mental health treatment, and we want it to last for generations to come.

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