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The Financial

The Young Minds Project intends on reshaping the adolescent mental health care landscape. With a set budget of 24 million dollars, we wish to raise 12 million dollars through community support. Every dollar will go towards a space that will become a pillar of mental health in central Illinois. Together, we can create a better future for our young people. 


Increased Space for

Increasing Services

With the current space limitations of our Behavioral Health Services, we regretfully have to turn families away. They may be turned away due to size limitations or available treatment programs. A larger property will provide much-needed space. 


We will provide multiple forms of therapy such as music, art, and sensory therapy, all of which will need dedicated space. Valuable physical activities also require an appropriate amount of space to execute safely. 

 When they are receiving treatment, children benefit from familial involvement. That is why we want to provide accommodations for families to stay together. We require enough space for our families to feel comfortable as they play a crucial role in their child's progress. 

High-Quality Care from

Expert Staff

To provide the best treatment, we need to hire the best treatment providers. Our facility will attract innovators in the field of adolescent mental health. They will be vital in bringing our hopes for the future into the present reality. 


In addition to our treatment providers, the Young Minds Project aims to be fully staffed with the right people. Our mission will inspire many to apply for positions within our facility, and we want to be able to hire the best to care for our kids. 

Senior Doctor
Child Therapy

Cutting Edge

Treatment Options

In the past, children and adolescents were turned away due to a lack of treatment opportunities. The Young Minds Project will produce many firsts for children in Central Illinois. 


The hub will offer specialized care for young people with Aspergers or ASD. This unit will provide game-changing treatment and services to children and their families. 


With increased services for adolescent addiction treatment, we will be able to provide intervention at critical times. Teens will receive the crucial care they need to lead fulfilled lives free of substance abuse. 



An Environment for

To combat the stigma of mental health care, The Young Minds Project intends to create a facility that has a welcoming ambiance. Our inpatient neighborhoods will seem more like communities and less like institutional blocks. 


We need to develop spaces that provide comfort to children in crisis. The right interior designers and contractors will align with our vision for this space. 


The Young Minds Project will create a lasting impact on the Central Illinois community. Our goals are grand but well within reach. With proper funding, The Young Minds Project will revolutionize adolescent mental health care.

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