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The Floor Plan

Our state-of-the-art facility will be located on a 13-acre property. Once home to a regional senior care home, this property will allow the Young Minds Project to grow into fruition. This facility will be the first of its kind in offering so many services and resources in a centralized location.


We have a lot of goals for this space. The following is a look into the future layout of our facility. 

Designed to be an all-encompassing mental health treatment facility, we have strategically designed the floor plan to be separated into units and sections. 


Intake and ICU

Our intake area is but a short walk to our ICU. With such proximity, adolescents will be able to begin treatment shortly after walking through our doors.

Outpatient Services

Accessed by a separate entrance, our outpatient wing will house many services of varying intensities. Recurring therapy will occur here for those not staying on property. 

Courtyard and Outdoor Areas

The 13-acre property features many opportunities for lush outdoor spaces. Our multiple courtyards will encourage safe exploration. Natural light can be a powerful tool in treating mental health, so we want a lot of it. 

Activity Rooms

The facility will include different themed spaces for various activities. In those spaces, we will offer dynamic and engaging forms of therapy. These activity rooms will be between the outpatient and inpatient wings. 



Inpatient beds will be housed in separate neighborhoods. These three areas will feature home-like accents to give our patients a sense of familiarity and comfort. Large common areas with natural light and dining rooms will serve as communal areas for peer interaction. Private and semi-private rooms will provide a safe space for relaxation.


In order to deliver the best care in a safe environment, neighborhoods will also be populated according to need and age.



Our kitchen and laundry facilities will lie just beyond our activity areas. Here, our dedicated staff will make sure that our children and families feel the creature comforts of a home away from home. 


The living areas will feature several designated spots for soiled laundry. The health and hygiene of our patients are of great importance. With these access points, we will encourage personal responsibility and self-ownership. 

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