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On average, 60 children and adolescents are admitted monthly to our Behavioral Health Unit. We have served many children and their families. Our success gives us a sense of pride and a blueprint for how we would like to proceed with the Young Minds Project. 


We want every story to become a success story. 

For the privacy of our patients, the following stories were created to represent the types of patients we've served. 

Alexander - Age 10

Alex was a very happy and sociable child. He fit in with his peers and had no difficulty making friends. However, after a break from school, Alex returned without his cheerful disposition. He snapped at friends and behaved in a way he never had before. Once considered well-liked by his peers, Alex became a bully to those who cared for him. Alex's teacher reached out and found that Alex's parents were in the middle of a contemptuous divorce. Realizing that Alex might be struggling with the atmosphere at home, Alex's mother brought him to us for counseling. 


He is now learning how to address his feelings healthily and effectively. Alex works with his counselor to process the world around him so that he may feel comfortable, safe, and happy once more. 


Grace - Age 17

Grace was always an intelligent girl. She was active in clubs at school and had an afterschool job at a local bookstore. Everything seemed to come easy to Grace until her sophomore year of high school. Her desire for perfection overtook her daily life. She became obsessed with being "the best." She would stay up all night studying and cramming for tests. When a friend offered Grace a dose of ADHD medication, Grace took it and hoped it would allow her to "focus" on work.


It did not take long before Grace began to rely on the unprescribed medication. Grace developed an addiction that threatened her future success. Grace's mother, hoping to save her daughter from a lifetime of trouble, brought Grace to us. 


Grace now sees the value in a balanced life. She receives treatment and counseling that will follow her through her successful college career. 

Grace 2_shutterstock_82209268_BW.jpg

Nia - Age 11

Nia was the witness of a family member's suicide. Following the incident, she experienced nightmares, feelings of paranoia, and an unwillingness to visit loved ones. Nia's parents were worried that she would have lasting trauma that would affect her development. They sought our help. 


Now, Nia receives counseling that has given her the vocabulary and tools to process her grief. 

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