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The Center

The Young Minds Project hopes to establish the first of many facilities dedicated to child and adolescent mental health. 



Welcoming and

Once a senior care facility, the center sits on a 13-acre property that will allow the Young Minds Project to thrive.


Surrounded by ample outdoor space, the center will feature many open areas with natural lighting. The walls will be painted in soothing colors to add a sense of calm. The interior design will comfort families and inspire staff.


Under One Roof

The center will act as a one-stop resource center for children and their families. Physician's offices, crisis intake, and outpatient therapies will all be housed in a centralized location to support families when they receive treatment.  No longer will central Illinois parents and children feel the uncertainty and anxiety of separation.


Currently, our health system has 22 designated beds for adolescent mental health inpatients. The center would drastically increase inpatient bed capacity. ICU and inpatient rooms will have their own wings with needs-based features. 


Age-related groups will stick together in special neighborhoods. These distinct neighborhoods will be cozy and home-like. Common areas like dining rooms and large living areas will allow interaction between peers. Private and semi-private rooms will offer a sense of ownership and privacy. 



New Services for the

This center will be the first of its kind in many ways. The Young Minds Project will be the first to admit adolescents to inpatient addiction treatment programs. The center will also offer expanded services dedicated to caring for children with Aspergers or ASD.  


Children will have access to various types of therapy at the center, like art and music therapy. They will also be able to participate in recreational activities similar to a physical education class. Rooms dedicated to activities will separate the outpatient and inpatient wings. 


The Young Minds Project seeks to create more than a building. What will happen at our center will change lives for the better. Our facility was designed to provide nothing but success stories. In time. UnityPlace will be looked to for inspiration in adolescent mental health care. 


Now is when we begin that legacy. 

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