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The Future

Our community is in dire need of adolescent mental health services. The Young Minds Project seeks to bridge a gap between patients and care. In the coming years, we plan to uplift the young people in our community by providing resources to all who need them. We are building more than a facility; we are creating a vision for the future. 



A Lasting

The Young Minds Project will address the needs within our community by becoming a haven for children in crisis. No longer will adolescents be turned away due to a lack of resources, space, or staff. Generations of young people will succeed because of the care they received at our facility. Their success will encourage others within the region to offer similar services. The Young Minds Project starts in Central Illinois, but we seek to inspire the country. 


Shaping the Attitudes of

Making changes to how we treat childhood mental health will be the key to eliminating the stigma of mental illness. Currently, our young people feel isolated and alone, but the Young Minds Project will be a visible safe space. We will provide an environment that is encouraging and inviting. Receiving services will bring relief, not shame. 

The Young Minds Project intends to make mental health care as widely discussed as any other form of medical care. Suffering in silence should never be the most attractive option. 


A Brighter Facility for a 

Better Tomorrow

When looking at the current trends in mental health treatment, we considered what worked and what needed work. The traditional institutional feel is not conducive to a healing environment. Often, the cold feeling of a treatment facility creates shame and stigma. 


Our comfortable and home-like neighborhoods will change the patient and facility dynamic. The open common spaces and dining room will create a sense of community, while private and semi-private rooms allow for a sense of self and space. And instead of concrete pavement, our grounds will feature lush natural landscaping. 



Care for the Child, Care for the

One of our primary goals in creating the center is to allow families to be a part of the treatment process. Children who have familial support have increased rates of successful treatment. By serving the children of our community right here at home, while taking steps to support out-of-town families, we will alleviate the stress of separation. 


We can see our future clearly, and we anxiously await the success of the Young Minds Project. We ask that you join us on this journey to help our community and its precious young people. 

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