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True Success is born out of


A 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment reported that mental health was the top concern for Central Illinois. Families worry about access to child-oriented mental health treatment. While our organization has been committed to providing mental health services to children, we recognized a greater need within our community. With a growing number of children and adolescents in crisis, the Young Minds Project was born. 


We aligned with the Human Service Center and Tazwood Center for Wellness to create a state-of-the-art hub for adolescent mental health services. When operational, the center will become a centralized treatment facility. Counselors, psychiatrists, therapy classes, and inpatient treatment will all be under the same roof for the first time.

Our Goals

We have many goals for this facility, the first of which is for the environment both inside and outside. The Young Minds Project seeks to eliminate the cold feeling of a traditional mental health unit. Instead, we are committed to creating spaces that are comfortable and inviting. Out-of-town families will appreciate the lush outdoor areas as they stay on-site during their child's treatment. 


Our facility will feature the first wing dedicated to caring for adolescents with Aspergers or ASD. A sensory room will offer therapeutic activity in a safe space. In another part of the facility, we will have inpatient beds for adolescent addiction - also a first for our area. 


The Young Minds Project hopes to become a champion in ending the social stigma attached to childhood mental health. By addressing the needs of children, we aim to inspire others within the region to do the same. Our facility will encourage, welcome, and inspire. No child or teen will feel the shame associated with mental illness, neurodiversity, or trauma. 


"“This is one of those rare opportunities that we have, as a community, to step up to the plate for something so transformational, something that can truly change the course of our future


Mike Unes

Vice President,

Business Development and Community Relations,

Carle Health – Greater Peoria



By Our Community

For Our Community


The Young Minds Project was designed to serve a need within Central Illinois. With expert consultations and opinions, we have developed a plan that will revolutionize the way adolescents receive mental health care. Our goals may seem lofty, but we have the expert guidance to achieve success. However, for our plan to truly succeed, we need community support. With the contributions from our community, our well-thought plans will become reality, and our children can thrive.

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